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Green Tench 2-3″


Green Tench can be very useful in the pond as they will spend a good deal of time on the bottom, digging through the organic debris that has accumulated, whilst searching for food with their sensory barbels. This not only stirs up the sediment, allowing more of it to be removed by the filtration system, but also allows oxygen to reach all areas, thus preventing the water from stagnating 

Tench have very tiny, deeply embedded scales covered by a rich thick slimy mucus, which, when handled, makes them feel very slippery. Old folklore tales say that this slime coat cured any sick fish that happened to rub against it, and from this belief arose the other common name for Tench – ‘Doctor Fish’. There have been many reports of these fish becoming quite tame over the years, often surfacing for treats of live/frozen foods. 


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