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ROYAL PLEC L-190 4-5″


A spaceous tank with dimmed lights, a large supply of drift wood (see diet), and lots of hiding places (plants, rocks) is ideal for this impressive, colorful and potentially very large catfish. A single young specimen can temporarily be kept in a relatively small tank: a 24-32″ (60-80cm.) long tank is enough, if enough filtration is present. Multiple juveniles should be kept in a tank of of 32-40″ (80-100cm.) or more in length, the amount depending on factors such as filtration, water change schedule and amount of avaiulable hiding places. Full-grown adult requires a much larger tank: at least 60×24″ (150x60cm.) for a single specimen, and 80×24″ (200x60cm.) for more than one specimen: this fish requires plenty of personal space, as they can be very territorial, especially towards its own kind, and are capable of inflicting serious injuries.
The Royal Pleco does best in soft, slightly acidic to neutral water (pH 6.0-7.0), heavy oxygenation and a lot of underwater currents. A very powerful filtration system is required, as this fish produces a lot of waste due to its size and diet.


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