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Super Red Albino Oscar 3.5inch


The Albino variation of the Red Oscar is another selectively bred descendant of the original, Wild Oscar of the Amazon Basin. A truly remarkable fish that has the excellent “Oscar” personality along with a beautiful, white body and orange flanks. Albino Red Oscars are very popular and have recently been bred to another, beautiful variation (sometimes called an Albino Super Red) which displays mostly bright, orange-red over their entire body, with little white left in the mix. Albino Red Oscars can learn to distinguish their owner(s) from strangers as well as associate them with food; they are also very intelligent and will develop and display unique and interesting personalities and can be trained to eat from their owner’s hand; which is why they are sometimes referred to as river or water dogs. Albino Red Oscars have a base color of cream to snow white with a bright orange lower jaw, “neck”, operculum, belly and flanks. They usually have white fins, but some specimens have orange that extends from their flanks to their fins (although their pectoral fins are usually translucent white). Albino Red Oscars rarely have an ocellus spot at the beginning of their caudal fin, but if one is present, it’s white, surrounded in orange.


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