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Anemones are invertebratesas are 95% of the earth’s creatures. Anemones attached to rocks or the sea floor. Anemones in the aquarium though, will often move around until they find a place that they like and then stay put. Most anemones survive in a symbiotic relation with with a marine algae called zooxanthellae. The zooxanthellae are photosynthetic organisms whose waste products are used by the anemone for food. Since the zooxanthellae require light to carry on photosynthesis, anemones in turn require bright light to thrive in the aquarium.
General Anemone Keeping Tips- Anemones all need lots of light to do well. They obtain most their nutrition from a symbiotic algae (zooxanthellae) that lives inside their tissues.Anemones prefer water free of organic wastes, which in most cases means you need to have an efficient protein skimmer. Maintaining the levels of trace elements in the water by performing regular water changes or the addition of commercially available supplements also seems to be important. Iron supplements also benefit the zooxanthellae in the anemones. Moderate current, in addition to clean water, helps exchange needed elements and rid the anemone of waste products. Some of the more delicate anemones seem to prefer higher temperatures in the range of 78-80 F and pH in a consistent range of 8.2-8.4.
Feeding your anemone- Feeding can range from 3 times a week to once every 2 weeks. Some aquarists have had success not directly feeding their anemones at all, although we suspect their anemones are capturing food that is meant for the fish. Food usually consists of a piece of raw shrimp about the size of the anemone’s mouth. Lance fish, silversides, clams, scallops and other frozen marine organisms can also be used, but I find them more messy. A large bag of peeled and deveined shrimp can be obtained from one of the local discount supermarkets and may last many, many months. Liquid foods and Target foods may actually be harmful to your anemones directly (several aquarists stated that their anemones started to die as soon as they began to use liquid target foods) and indirectly though degradation of your water quality. The jury is still out on vitamins. Our suggestion would be to use them sparingly, or not at all


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