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Normal Delivery Days our Wednesday,Thursday and Friday, but exceptions can be made.

*Please Note*
As our stock level changes all the time we cant always keep updated please contact us for latest stock if you like before you purchase, if a fish is out of stock you require from our list we will immediate re-order from our suppliers after fish has been rested and feeding well only then will despatch for delivery or in some cases we will replace them with a similar fish with your permission first .At the start of each month we get a large Discus delivery from the best supplier in the UK so if you require a certain strain of discus and if its currently out of stock we will contact our supplier and pre order for next delivery due in. All livestock is of excellent health at time of despatch

Stendker Discus: Every 3-4weeks we import new shipments of discus please be advised on some ocassions they my be a short delay on orders, for current shop stock please contact us , your welcome to make an appointment to view stock. We QT our discus and recommend you do the same please contact for latest stock levels


1 – Ensure that there is room in your tank for the species you are ordering, and that they are compatible with existing stock. If in doubt, please ask as we are unable to accept fish back if ordered in error
2 – Make sure that your tank is mature, healthy and in a condition to accept fish.
3 – However tempting, do not order too many fish at once as a large influx of fish can be detrimental to the health of the aquarium.
4 – If you are unsure about the requirements of any species, please ask and we will give you the parameters for our any delicate fish. We will warn you of any special reqiurements prior to purchase to ensure that parameter shock does not occur.
5 – Ensure that you or someone else is available to accept delivery on the stated date. If we are unable to send fish on the agreed date, we will contact you to re-schedule.
The delivery should reach you in perfect condition with the water still warm. The fish will, however, be stressed due to their journey and may appear pale and lethargic. To ensure that their transition to your aquarium is done properly, please observe the following:
1 – Unpack the fish as carefully as possible
2 – Place the sealed bags on the water surface and float for approx. 20 minutes to allow the temperature to stabilise.
3 – Once the water temperature has equalised, carefully cut open the top of each bag and roll the sides down, enabling the bags to float in the tank
4 – Add a little aquarium water every few minutes until the water is thoroughly mixed. Leave for approx 30-45 minutes to settle
5 – Slowly tip the bag onto its side and allow fish to swim out or net the fish out of the bag and dispose of the bag and shipping water
6 – Do not be tempted to feed the fish on the delivery day as they will most likely not accept food. Certain species may hide for a few hours or even days.




We always ensure that any species sent out for delivery is of optimum quality and is healthy, but in rare cases losses may occur, we offer a 24 hour guarantee to cover this circumstance.Any claims for loss must be made within 24 hours of recieving the fish, either by telephone 02837526061   or by
e-mail .Any claim must be accompanied by a Video Evidence.(Video Evidence Also Needed For Any Water Testing Required) the buyer is fully responible for water quality fish can get stressed and die in poor water , our stock is despatched for high quality water it is up to buyer to maintain good water conditions Please do not dispose of any expensive dead fish as we may require it to be returned to us (with pictures of any damaged packaging) as evidence against the courier if the loss was caused by mishandling during delivery.If a loss does occur  a credit note will be given,and be taken of your next order no refunds buyer pays for postal costs. Whilst THE LITTLE FISH SHOP ARMAGH  will always do our best to identify species, we cannot be responsible for incorrect identification.When requested, we will try to identify sexes of fish but cannot guarantee male + female pairs in difficult cases.No guarantee will be given if a delivery has been aborted due to no-one being at the delivery address.Any losses that qualify for our guarantee will be refunded / replaced at our discretion. The fish must still be in the unopened bag, if the bag has been opened claims will not be considered.The guarantee extends only to the value of the livestock, not the cost of delivery.In rare circumstances, certain species will be delicate (collection recommended) and will be only delivered at buyers risk. They will not be covered by a guarantee. You will be informed if any of the species you require have this status prior to us accepting your order.

By buying our livestock your agreeing to the terms. If you have any questions about stocking up or fish compatablity before you buy please ask for advice if your unsure.

The guarantee extends only to the value of the livestock, not the cost of delivery.
The Welfare of our livestock is important,so each tank has individual filtration and all new stock is quarantined.
Customers are always fully advised about the requirements before they purchase fish.
Our aim is to ensure customers know what they are buying and have beautiful healthy fish.
Little Fish Shop Armagh “Bringing Nature Home”

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